David Dobrik’s “Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzles” can generate major prize money

Has your quarantine pastime stuck with David Dobrik’s YouTube videos or created puzzles?If so, your mouth will be blown away when you hear about David Dobrik’s “The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle. “To win cash prizes, you’ll have to buy the puzzle and everything, according to Insider.

Dobrik’s puzzle challenge is a reaction to Dobrik fans commenting on Dobrik’s TikTok videos asking the social media star and Vlog Squad member for money. In a video of TikTok uttering the puzzle contest, Dobrik made those comments and described how the product works. you will win and the time it will take you to complete the “Hundred Thousand Dollars Puzzle” will vary.

“It takes a lot of time. You don’t even have a cheat sheet to do it,” Dobrik says in the video. That’s because every puzzle is unique. Once completed, each one displays another QR code that you want to scan with your phone’s camera. These QR codes lead to various coin costs ranging from $0. 25 to $100,000. (Yes, $100,000). It’s up to you where the portions are. let’s go, to shape the green and black digital look box and see what coins are waiting for you.

We only come with products that have been decided independently through Elite Daily’s editorial team, however, we would possibly get a portion of the sales if you purchase a product at a link in this article.

For those earning less than $30, which Insider points out is very likely, the puzzle is more of a laughing element than a chance to make money. The product itself is priced at $30, without adding shipping costs or additional taxes. you’re an avid Dobrik fan, who gets excited about his funny jokes and whimsical content, then you may agree with the undeniable fact of owning the 500-piece puzzle that comes in an epic box.

To upload the item to your cart, simply go to the online page “Puzzle of a hundred thousand dollars” and click on the giant “Buy Now” button. This site is also where you can check frequently asked questions and money pricing rules. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to earn a cash prize and that the product can only be shipped to destinations in the United States. Each order is expected to ship the week of January 25, 2021 and costs may be through PayPal, Venmo or any of the other processors on the site that appears after scanning your QR code.

All puzzle sales are considered definitive, so there is no refund. Set aside a decent time to finish yours, as the gift ends at 12 a. m. EST on March 31, 2021. Let the challenge begin.

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