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Physiotherapy is now a considered a primary access health care service, meaning that anyone can access physiotherapy services directly, and no referral is necessary from a doctor. Although most insurance companies do not require a referral from a doctor in order to receive reimbursement for physiotherapy services, there are still some insurance companies that do require a doctor’s referral. It is best to check your insurance policy and contact your insurance provider to seek further clarification.

We will make your life easy and will bring the portable clinic right to your home or office.

We will perform a detailed clinical assessment asking you questions relating to your injury. We will also do a complete physical exam and assess your range of motion, strength, flexibility, balance etc. We will provide a diagnosis for your injury and will take time to explain your injury, what it will take to get better, what YOU can do and what WE can do to help get you better as quickly as possible.

We will help you set goals and will work with you to make a personalized treatment plan.

Finally, We will provide some treatment (usually a combination of hands on treatment and exercises) which will depend on patient goals and may include anything listed in the treatment section.

The more you know about your injury the better you will be able to understand it and become motivated and engaged in your rehab process. The more engaged you are, the better your recovery will be, plain and simple.

You can come up with specific questions to ask your physiotherapist and think about some goals you would like to work on with your therapist. We will take time to help you understand all you need about your injury and your recovery and will help you get and stay motivated throughout the process.

Although costs for physiotherapy services are not covered by health care, they are often covered (fully or partially) by extended health benefit plans. Insurance policies vary according to their providers so it is best to contact your extended health benefit provider to learn about your specific policy and re-imbursement for physiotherapy services.

Furthermore, physiotherapy services can also be claimed as medical expenses when you file your income tax.

How much does an assessment or treatment cost?

Please refer to the APPOINTMENTS/RATES section.

This is a difficult question and the answer depends on several factors including type of injury, assistance/support available, patient goals and preferences. Each injury needs to be specifically assessed and we will be sure to answer this question during your initial assessment. We will commonly recommend between 6 to 10 sessions but can do more or less depending on the circumstances. If all you want is an assessment and an home exercise program We are happy to do this. Alternatively if you want us to act as a coach/guide to help you do your exercises we are happy to do so.

Ensure you block off one hour of your time for your first visit. During your assessment your physiotherapist will ask you about your symptoms and when/how they started and will observe your posture and movements.  They will feel for any muscle tightness or spasm or joint restriction and will test your strength.  They will likely provide a few more tests for you in order to determine the cause of your issue.
On your first visit, with your consent, they will provide you with an initial treatment, discuss your problem in detail with you and advise you on movements and postures to avoid and on exercises to start on a daily basis.  They will then describe your overall plan with you including expected frequency of treatment and will give you an estimate the length of treatment period needed to resolve your problem.

We can often take you the same day!
All insurances are accepted and direct billed.

Questions:  call us at +1 (204) 998-6538 or drop an e-mail  shreya.mobilephysio@gmail.com

Treatment can constitute a variety of approaches including:

Exercise prescription
Joint mobilization
Soft tissue mobilization
Acupuncture (with or without use of an electroacupunctoscope)
Therapeutic cupping
McKenzie protocol
Mulligan mobilizations
Manual traction

Each province in Canada has a licensing body most commonly called the College of Physiotherapists. This is the body that develops and enforces the regulations that govern the profession.

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Notice - COVID-19

Physio at home is concerned about public safety due to COVID-19 with an attention towards to the most vulnerable. We have been closely monitoring the situation and have taken some additional steps to address this situation.

As you understand, all non-essential services have been suspended by Govt and governing health bodies. Since acute and emergency services can continue, to cater to our patient needs and keeping our health care providers safe we’ve taken some additional steps upon discretion of both parties.
To stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ve implemented below steps to prevent both our patients and providers before we start any treatment.

• We implemented a passive screening step on phone or video before we can schedule an actual in person appointment or assessment with our patients.
• Our registered health care providers maintain high standards of infection prevention practices and periodically desanitize as required
• Our providers and patients to follow a mandatory 14day self isolation if travelled outside the country
• To stay home if the patient or provider display any symptoms of COVID-19 when due for an appointment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

New patients are now assessed through TELEHEALTH appointments and our clinics are NOT CLOSED. Just schedule an appointment as you did earlier and we’ll help you through the case. A detailed video of our telemedicine program is available on top of this page.

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